The NFL and Twitter and Sports Betting

Even the NFL needs new fans and new revenue streams.

The NFL and Twitter have long had an active relationship. The NFL Twitter feed has plenty of feel-good bits on the league. And Twitter signed a broadcast deal with the NFL.

But, there’s this: ratings for the 2016 NFL season are down. It’s unlikely that’s due to a lack of awareness–football surrounds us this time of year, in a consuming way that only America’s Most Popular Sport can.

We’re well aware: live sports is the last bastion of live television. According to Nielsen, 93 of the top 100 watched television programs in 2015 were live sporting events.

Twitter needs relevance and eyeballs that live sports may be able to deliver.

The NFL’s deal with Twitter to live stream 10 games this season feels like a potentially big deal because it:

What’s this NFL Twitter relationship going to look like?

Hard to say. It’s still pretty new, and we’re curious to see if Twitter does a better job than Yahoo when it comes to attracting an audience and monetizing live NFL streams.

Initial results were lukewarm, but we wonder if this isn’t the beginning of a bigger opportunity.

Twitter Live streaming combines NFL and Twitter aspirations and creates an interesting growth window for Live-in-Play betting.

The entire world is moving towards Live-in-Play betting. This is not news to the regulated sports betting markets: Bet365 reported 72% of their fiscal year revenues came from Live-in-Play wagers.

Granted, Twitter streaming will not work for active sports bettors until they fix the streaming lag. In Europe, for examples, punters pay a premium for quicker streams. One has to ask: is that a service that Twitter can offer for NFL viewers as a premium offering?

That said: mobile wagering is THE sports betting trend today, and this dalliance between Twitter and the NFL feels like a potentially big step towards a more serious future of mobile-first, socially-integrated, Live-in-Play wagering on the NFL.

​With the NHL in Vegas and the NFL heading to Vegas, and with the NBA dipping their toe into Sin City with Summer League, we’ll see more activity and interest here for sure.

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