NFL Sports Betting: The Raiders Head To Vegas

NFL Sports betting has been a topic of conversation since PASPA was passed in 1992. Roger Goodell has actively opposed regulated sports betting, citing the ‘integrity of the game’ as the core reason.

However, Mr. Goodell has come around somewhat. Especially once all the major US sports leagues started taking a look at Las Vegas as an expansion destination. After years of denouncing gambling and Las Vegas, Goodell referenced his changing stance on the issue.

NFL Sports Betting Roger Goodell

The NFL has finally made it official and the Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas in 2020. The Raiders will now be playing in a city known primarily for it’s legal gambling. Fans will be able to legally place a bet, walk a few blocks, and attend an NFL game.

The NFL has already indicated that Las Vegas will host a Super Bowl. As several owners have already mentioned, the Raiders moving to Vegas is one giant step in the path towards the legalization of gambling in the United States.

Seven things to know about Las Vegas and the NFL:

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