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Build your sports bettor database with fun, simple 'sports betting lite' fixed-odds game that take less than one minute to complete and capture player email addresses or mobile numbers.

Contact us for more information on March Madness games, World Cup 2018 games or Real Money games. Check out the case study here.

Ashes Top 4 Game

Engage Sports Fans and Casual Bettors

  • Convert social followers to valuable email addresses

  • Powerfully drives engagement to your revenue products

  • End-to-end customization and branding

  • Real-time odds from major data providers

Full Event Lifecycle Management

  • Pre-odds data capture and messaging

  • Post-game scoring, scoreboards and messaging

  • Real-time Measurement and Optimization Tools

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BettorGames Case Study: Outkick the Coverage

The Results

  • Fans are highly engaged: +70% conversion rate

  • Games are easy to play: +67% completed the game in less than one minute

  • Players are mobile: +75% played on their phone

  • Players are younger: +50% are Millennials

Case Study

Outkick the Coverage Picks

Client Feedback

"Chalkline got me up and running in a week.

The platform, the reporting and the analytics--it's all been easy to use. Plus, our fans love it.

Everything Chalkline has done has exceeded my expectations.”

Clay Travis

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Personalized mobile-first content and interactions for bettors.
Case Study: Mr. Green

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Drive more clicks and conversions to your site with turnkey games.
Case Study: Outkick the Coverage

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Case Study: Lottostar

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