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With the advent of personalization, and the rapid expansion of sports wagering product, customer acquisition and upselling has become ever more complicated and time consuming. Forward thinking organizations know that investment in data, marketing technology and automated content deliver measurable, powerful results – in less time.

But where do I find the combination of sports betting marketing products and regulated experience required to drive Marketing competitive advantage?

Chalkline's team has decades of experience driving customer acquisition and upsell within regulated retail and online sports books. We understand how to communicate powerfully with sport bettors and understand what drives casino marketing.

Chalkline have developed propriety products that help Sports Books acquire new customers efficiently, communicate to existing customers more powerfully, and measure the impact of campaigns, real-time. These products are turn-key, can be implemented in days and already synch with your odds.

There is an opportunity to take advantage of new capabilities at a time when the US appears on the brink of regulated expansion - read more here:(US Supreme Court considers New Jersey's appeal of PASPA). Operators who move quickly will have a unique opportunity to acquire and upsell for lower cost, in an expanding market. Read on to find out how Chalkline's three products will drive enhanced marketing for your Sports Book.

The Chalkline BettorBI platform empowers sports books to nimbly:

  • Make better marketing decisions faster.
  • Determine the impact of personalized marketing campaigns, real time.
  • Track your customer base throughout the event lifecycle: from sign-up to deposit to happy active customer.

And all delivered using our turn-key data integration points and using a Mobile First approach. Your Sports Book in your pocket!

BettorBI: Designed for Today's Marketing Team

Chalkline BettorBI: Personas

BetAssist: Personalized Mobile Content for Customers

Chalkline for CasinosChalkline’s Automated Monetization platform delivers personalized content across mobile web, email and social channels to drive more bets directly to your websites or mobile app BetSlip. Tracked deep-links drive clicks, and show you what's working and what can be improved.

BetAssist empowers operators to deliver their data-hungry customers rich, real-time data visualizations that drive more sign-ups, more live-in-play bets and more lifetime value.

  • Create and deliver personalized content - data visualizations, games and interactions - in real-time to your most valuable bettors.
  • Automated rules that trigger outbound push, email and SMS campaigns - built by us, driven by you.
  • Engage sports fans at scale throughout the event lifecycle.

See BetAssist live on Mr. Green

Accessed from the US, Mr Green BetAssist is un-personalized. Your customers will benefit from richer, personalized content from Day 1.

BettorGames: FreetoPlay and Points Sports Games for Customers in Unregulated States

Waiting to see if sports expansion will happen? As discussed by our CEO, Daniel Kustelski in the blog post 'Four Take-aways from “Sports Betting: Opportunities Inside & Out of Nevada"  "the biggest risk is doing nothing at all."

Chalkline's BettorGames delivers simple, weekly, sharable mobile-first ‘sports betting lite’ games for fun and prizes which will fuel your marketing to:

  • Drive brand loyalty and footfall.
  • Reactivate old customers and socially attract new customers.
  • Prepare for legal expansion of real money wagering in states you operate in outside of Nevada.
  • As always, turn-key to operate and integrates with your loyalty program.

Chalkline Integrations

Sportradar: Driven by Data

What our Customers are Saying

  • "The enterprise marketing solutions are so heavyweight for what I need, Chalkline is perfect for my Book."
  • "It takes so long to get my in-house guys to get to my requirements, Chalkline understands I need to move as quick as my customers do."
  • "It's wonderful to work with a vendor who has sports wagering smarts!"

Learn more about how Chalkline can help you:

  • Automatically deliver mobile, curated, personalized content to your book's customers.
  • Increase customer lifetime value with sport, league, team and player-focused games.
  • Deliver intelligence from your bettors that makes your marketing smarter.

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