5 Reasons We’re Attending G2E 2016

David Stern, mobile and legalized sports betting top the list at G2E

Las Vegas provides a number of compelling reasons to attend G2E 2016, but few better than the former commissioner of the NBA showing up for a discussion with Geoff Freeman, the CEO of the American Gaming Association.

David Stern, and current NBA commissioner Adam Silver, have been far ahead of the curve in the past few years, when it comes to regulated sports betting in the US.

A favorite quote from Stern:

The Global Gaming Expo 2016, a.k.a #G2E, kicks off today and runs through Thursday, September 29.

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The Top 5 reasons we’re glad to be here:

5. To learn more about the impact of the upcoming election on gaming.

The Donald and Hillz square off in the first presidential debate tonight.

More important to attendees: how will this impact gaming and sports betting? Stay tuned. Many attendees that a Trump victory will be good for gaming, and sports betting.

4. To hear from NIGA about opportunities in tribal gaming.

Geoff Freeman from the AGA will sit down with Ernie Stephens from NIGA. We’ll be there to hear about eSports and sports betting from two of the industry’s most influential leaders.

3. To connect with the G2E community.

Everybody’s here. Even Vanna White shows up for G2E 2016.

2. Focus on Mobile + Sports Betting.

Some of these G2E sessions are nearly too good to be true for us here at Chalkline.

* Almost all of the iGaming sessions

The future of sports betting once it gets outside Nevada

Mobile in the US and around the world

1. David Stern headlining G2E 2016.

This alone makes the event completely worth the price of admission. That place is going to be a zoo when the former commissioner of the NBA lends support to regulated sports betting.

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