Sports Betting in the USA: 2016 Recap and 2017 Outlook

Sports Betting in the USA: The Year that Was, and a Look Ahead

Sports betting in the USA in 2016 was nothing short of a box of chocolates. There was a little something for everyone.

2016 was a year of significant traction for sports betting industry stakeholders in America.

  • Land-based casinos and the American Gaming Association actively addressed sports betting.
  • Political players will slowly build momentum behind regulated sports betting and supporting legislationveg.
  • Professional sports leagues embraced Las Vegas as a franchise location.

In 2016, the American Consumer continued to wager on sports, and followed European trends.

  • Mobile wagers accounted for 25-40% of legal sports betting handle. (Europe = 70%)
  • Live-in-play wagers accounted for 5-20% of all legal sports betting handle. (Europe = ~75%)
  • The majority of all legal wagers in the US were made on football.

Looking to 2017, Sports Betting growth will accelerate on several fronts.

  • Mobile sports betting content will double in volume, and as a result, will create 2X more sports betting micro-moments for US Consumers.
  • Professional sports teams and media companies will continue to build out sports betting business opportunities and more than 5 will have real revenues, somehow.
  • Increased media attention on sports betting will prompt increasing political consideration for regulation.

Our Five Fearless Predictions for Sports Betting in the USA in 2017

  1. Mobile will surpass 50% of all Nevada sports betting handle.
    Although current projections have mobile handle at ~25-40%, according to various Vegas operators. Seems like strong live-in-play could push it over the top.
  2. 2017 won’t be as pitiful as 2016 for sports books when it comes to calling major political events.
    Because there are no more Brexits on the horizon. And, Trump’s in the White House.
  3. Regulated sports betting will outpace daily fantasy growth.
    Due to some uncertainty on how regulatory conditions impact DFS evolution, this one could be close.
  4. One Stadium in the US will take in-venue bets.
    We’re counting on “Daily Fantasy Sports Betting” to help make it happen.
  5. One major US professional sports team will sign a sponsorship with a sports betting company.
    Here’s looking at you, NHL and MLS! OK, so it may not happen in 2017, but certainly in 2018.

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