4 Facts About NCAA Tournament Betting

NCAA Tournament Betting is Big Business

March Madness and NCAA Tournament betting is a highlight for any American sports bettor: 30 million adults will fill out over 70 million brackets.

In the past, NCAA has consistently come out against all forms of gambling. They’ve gone as far as suspending athletes who play fantasy sports. Despite this, the NCAA has consistently relied on sports bettors to boost interest in the tournament.

The NCAA provides a short overview of how they feel about the matter on their website:

The NCAA opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering, which has the potential to undermine the integrity of sports contests and jeopardizes the welfare of student-athletes and the intercollegiate athletics community.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the American Gaming  Association estimates $10.4 Billion will be gambled on the tournament in 2017.

Inspired by the AGA push for regulated sports betting, Chalkline took a look at the NCAA Tournament betting.

Our Top 4 Facts:

NCAA Tournament Betting Handle
NCAA Tournament Betting vs. TV Rights Deal
NCAA Tournament Sports Betting is Cheaper than going to a game
NCAA Tournament Bettors are Mobile

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