Responsible Gaming: Presentation at the NCLGS

Since responsible gaming is a core part of the Chalkline Sports mission and vision, we’re always happy to talk about the topic. For consumers in legal markets, responsible betting and player protection form the foundation of regulated betting.

We were fortunate to participate with an outstanding group of attendees at the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) conference in Denver, CO, from June 9-11. Legislators, regulators and operators represented various points of view on the topic.

As the United States considers various approaches to a regulated sports betting market, we at Chalkline Sports have drawn from our collective experiences. Since we’ve operated regulated sports books in the United States and South Africa, we’re familiar with a number of approaches.

Chalkline Recommendations on Responsible Gaming

  1. As on operator, we recommend a highly proactive approach to Responsible Gaming. It’s good for your business and your customers in the long-term.
  2. Operators, Legislators and Regulators must work together to ensure Player Protection measures. Because, based on our experiences, it will a take a group effort for the US to figure out exactly what is best for operators and players.
  3. Because of the rapidly changing nature of sports betting, nimble regulatory frameworks are necessary. This allows regulators to effectively manage emerging forms of gaming.

>> Read more about our three key take-aways from the NCLGS Conference here

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