5 Lessons Learned Integrating a Sports Book into a Land-based Casino Group

Background and Overview

The Chalkline Sports leadership team has experience integrating an online sports book into a land-based casino group.

Chalkline Sports co-founders Daniel Kustelski and Jason Foster managed the Sunbet sports book from inception, successfully integrating it into casino operations at Sun International. They learned a few lessons along the way.

Looking back to 2013:

Fast-forward to 2017 in the USA:

The United States is actively considering regulated sports betting. One of the most reasonable paths forward includes leveraging existing operators—namely, casino properties and groups.

Over the past four years, we’ve aggregated data and experiences that we feel will inform the opportunity for regulated sports betting in the USA.

Executive Summary: Integrating  a Sports Book and Casino

  • High-growth sports betting markets present a unique opportunity for casinos, since casino patrons have a strong tendency to wager on sports.
  • Consumer rapid adoption of mobile means that online sports betting, like social casino, can be a key tool for engaging customers when they are outside the casino.
  • Customer loyalty program integration for casino + sports betting is the lynchpin for effective cross-promotion and improved marketing ROI.

Lessons Learned for the Sports Book

#1: Casino Patrons are Sports Bettors
#2: Build Buy-in Throughout the Organization
#3: Drive Retail Revenue via Digital
#4: Measurement – Start Simple
#5: Select Excellent Vendors and Demand Innovation

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