Sports Betting in the USA Conference: The Timing Could Not Be Better

‘Convergence’ feels like a likely theme for ‘Sports Betting in the USA.’

First of all, we’re already looking forward to our trip to the Sports Betting in the USA Conference in New York City on November 14 and 15.

Ewa and the Clarion Events team have put together an incredible program…and their timing simply could not be better.

The conference represents exciting (to us, at least) converging trends and input from:

  • Politicians
  • Professional Sports Leagues
  • Gaming Operators
  • Regulatory and Advocacy
  • Media
  • Fans

A quick rundown on our view of key stakeholders and why their participation is important:


From: “IN THEIR COURT: 9 Best Quotes from the SCOTUS Decision to Hear PASPA Appeal:”
Sports Betting in the USA Conference - Ray Lesniak

Many states actively seek the new revenue stream that sports betting offers. As of August 2017, 12 states have lined up with legislation that will permit regulated sports betting if PASPA is overturned.

We expect to see political leaders like Chris Christie and Ray Lesniak front and center as states figure out their path forward.

Professional Sports Leagues

Adam Silver - Sports Betting in the USA

While we’re not sure that Roger Goodell will be there, we are fairly certain that Adam Silver’s NBA will be well represented, as will all the other American pro sports leagues.

Because there’s so much money on the table, this will be a great place for the leagues to reat conference to test which way the the wind is blowing.

Gaming Operators

Johnny Avello - Sports Betting USA

While many stakeholders have ideas about how regulated sports betting can roll out across the United States, most observers expect that wagering will roll out through existing regulatory infrastructure: casinos, tracks and racinos.

Because we’ve integrated a sports book into a casino, we clearly recognize there’s a lot to sort out before this happens.

That said, we expect to see Las Vegas well represented at the conference.

Regulatory and Advocacy

Geoff Freeman - Sports Betting USA

It’s in no small part due to the American Gaming Association that this conference is even happening.

Their advocacy has opened eyes, and Geoff Freeman’s organization has tirelessly educated stakeholders all over the USA and abroad, especially at industry events like ICE, G2E and GigSe, among others.


Clay Travis - Sports Betting USA

A quick look at the English Premier League sponsorship landscape indicates that the media may have as much to gain from regulated sports betting as any stakeholder. New players will spring up, and existing players like ESPN may get a new life pouring data-rich fuel on the wildfire that could get sparked by a favorable SCOTUS decision.


There’s no doubt about it: Americans love to bet on sports.
According to the AGA:

  • 30,000,000 Americans currently wager on sports
  • Americans wagered nearly $150,000,000,000 in 2015

More importantly, if sports betting is regulated:

  • The number of sports bettors in America will nearly double to 58,000,000
  • Gross Gaming Revenue for sports betting will top $11,000,000,000

In any case, there should be plenty to talk about.

We’ll see you there.

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