G2E & Sports Betting in the USA

G2E: First Things First

About G2E 2018: Las Vegas came together like champions after Sunday’s tragedy. Six hour lines to donate blood at 6am on Monday morning. Incredible response from all of LVPD and LVFD and everyone in law enforcement we encountered. We salute this city’s strength, response and resolve.

Three Take-aways from G2E’s Betting on Sports session on Monday.

What We Know For Certain

1. Regulated sports betting is moving forward.

2. Casino operators are poised to act.

Many operators in the full house wanted to know: “How can I get a head start?

3. The PASPA decision is going to be the biggest single day in US gaming in a decade.

The potential SCOTUS repeal of PASPA is going to have a lot eyeballs from gaming operators. It’s obviously a game changer, and it cannot get here quickly enough!

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