Outkick the Coverage: A Case Study in Mobile Engagement


Build your sports bettor database with fun, simple 'sports betting lite' fixed-odds game that take less than one minute to complete and capture player email addresses or mobile numbers.

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Converting Social + Web Visitors to Email Addresses

Prior to the 2017-18 College Football season, Chalkline partnered with Clay Travis, a sports journalist (CBS, Fox) and founder of popular SEC football focused website + social presence: Outkick the Coverage.

After running a highly successful, season-long college football program–capped with season-high numbers for the CFB Playoffs–Chalkline worked with the client to build and distribute NFL playoff games. All deployed in less than a week, engaging thousands of new players with a passion for pro football (and who were lamenting the end of the gripping college football season).

Outkick the Coverage Parlay Picker

Chalkline's Mission

  • Deliver turnkey, mobile-first games that engage passionate fans throughout college football season.

  • Build a community database of validated emails and mobile numbers.

  • Drive clicks and conversions to support Outkick’s business goals.

The Results

  • High ROI: Payback period less than one month
  • Fans are highly engaged: +70% conversion rate
  • Games are easy to play: +67% completed the game in less than one minute
  • Players are mobile: +75% played on their phone
  • Players are young: +50% Millennials

Learn More About the Results

Real-time BettorBI and Reporting

Outkick Bettor BI Case Study

Simple and Effective for Social

Outkick Social Media Case Study

What the Client Said

"Chalkline got me up and running in less than a week.

The platform, the reporting and the analytics--it's all been easy to use and our fans love it.

Everything Chalkline has done has exceeded my expectations.”

Clay Travis

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