Why All African Retail Operators Need to Go Mobile Today

African sports betting is at a crossroads.

It’s not a secret: the world is moving to mobile. Traditional retail-driven businesses are succumbing to the sheer force of digital engagement.

And sports wagering is no exception. First, Europe, and now the emerging forces of the US and Africa are increasingly pushing a mobile-first approach.

And for the retail operators who jump in now, there’s a good chance of being better than the existing digital-only guys.

However, that’s not the end of the story. To succeed, operators must attract and maintain mobile customers and serve them high-margin content.

Three Data Trends Operators Must Understand

1. Mobile usage is growing and smartphone adoption is trending up.

Mobile adoption is growing rapidly

Source: GSMA Intelligence

2. Across the continent, internet connectivity and data consumption are rapidly increasing.

Mobile data usage is exploding

Source: GSMA Intelligence

3. Mobile devices account for nearly 75% of all online bets in Africa.

Mobile African sports betting

Source: Industry and Chalkline Sports Research

Three advantages to a ‘Retail + Mobile’ Strategy for African Sports Betting

1. Retail + Mobile Supports Payment Flexibility.

High growth rates in mobile are driving digital payments skyward. However, cash transactions are still a valued payment method for many customers in African sports betting.

Brands that can complement mobile with bricks-and-mortar retail locations give customers more payment flexibility.

2. Retail + Mobile Leverages Technology Investment.

Retail bookmakers have already invested in sports betting technology. Typically, (and in my experience), more than they get credit for.

Most relatively modern sports betting platforms can be extended to support both retail and mobile without incurring significant financial cost.

And, even if it costs a bit, our experience is that investment in online will typically pay for itself inside a year.

Skip desktop, and go straight to mobile. Your optimized mobile presence is table stakes for any future growth prospects.

3. Retail + Mobile Drives Margin Management.

Extracting good margins from sports betting is not an easy business. Experienced retail operators have the processes and knowledge to drive products that delivers strong margins.

Mobile sports books, managed by experienced operators, can prove to be an ideal channel to connect higher margin lotto-style betting with more recreational punters.

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