Daniel Kustelski in SBC News: The Full Potential of the US market

Our CEO, Daniel Kustelski, was interviewed by SBC News, a trade publication for gambling operators, software suppliers and industry start-ups.

The article: The Full Potential of the US Market

Daniel Kustelski in SBC: Three Quotes and Takeaways

1. The NBA is a rising star in US Sports Betting.

The NBA has significant upside as a betting product, probably more than any US sport. To be clear, football is the current King of US Sports betting, but basketball has a larger potential growth opportunity.

NBA Handle is growing for US Sports Betting

The NFL is still the top Dog, but football handle and hold contribution is trending in the wrong direction.

Betting handle on basketball in the US has increased 41% over the past 5 years. By comparison, the NFL has only increased 8% over the same time period.

US Sports Betting Daniel Kustelski NFL down

3. The key to entering the US market is starting SIMPLE.

Simplicity is going to be critically important for new market entrants. In the US, operators will serve themselves well by starting simply, and simply starting.

Daniel Kustelski NBA simple games

How Will Winners Self-Select in the US?

Suppliers that focus on integration and collaboration will win, in terms of establishing relationships and building market share.

It appears likely that sports betting licenses will be awarded to established gaming operators: Casinos, Tracks and Lotteries. Sports betting will be one product in a suite of gambling entertainment offered by brands, so it’s important for suppliers to understand how the evolving ecosystem works, and where they can add value.

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