World Cup 2018: Four Ways to Start Adding Customers to your Book Today

Yes, the World Cup is massive, and obviously important to your book.

How big, and how important? Let’s start with a look at viewership numbers from the 2014 World Cup.

3.2 Billion

TV Viewers

1 Billion

Watched the Final

280 Million

Watched on mobile

So how did the 2014 World Cup impact legal sports wagering across the globe?

Note: Comparing July 2014 with July 2013.

+3% (+£95M)

United Kingdom

+57% (+R1.5B)

South Africa

+234% (+$61M)


So, the World Cup is good for mature gaming markets, and great for growth markets like the US and South Africa, in terms of GGR and new customer acquisition.

Get Started Now: Four Actions Operators Can Take Today

1. Build a plan and kick it off by May 1.

Use this ‘Signpost Event‘ to get started building your database ASAP, and plan to manage the entire World Cup betting lifecycle.

Want to add Free-to-Play (F2P) or Real Money games to your mix? We can help, and make it effortless for you.

2. Launch and promote World Cup F2P games now.

Locking in your customers and future NDCs is obviously critical to the success of your campaign. Why wait?

With Chalkline’s F2P games, you can localize and personalize the games that your customers play.

Game types include:

  • Single-match: Correct Score, First Goal Scorer and more.
  • Team-focused: Zero in on your fan’s passion points with a team’s Group Ranking, Game Predictions and Top Scorer markets.
  • Tournament-long: Build loyalty and drive deep engagement with prizes and credits for your most active fans.

Chalkline can also work with you to build custom games and parlay cards designed to provide a jumping off point to a real money wager at your book.

3. Focused your paid campaigns on email capture to maximize advertising ROI.

As you consider how to allocate limited advertising spend, we’ve seen some of the highest ROI campaigns deployed outside core media coverage windows. Look to score better-than-average returns by piloting games and campaigns early in the World Cup hype cycle.

Further amplify your ROI by tying campaigns to games. Savvy operators can capture an email address through their online advertising by linking campaigns to BettorGames.

Plus, we help you measure total campaign ROI using Chalkline’s proprietary bettor analytics.

4. Build Sponsored games for distribution among your affiliates.

Chalkline makes it simple for operators to distribute branded games throughout online and retail affiliate networks.

Chalkline games provide retail partners and online affiliates with turnkey co-branded World Cup games that fans love.

In addition to the branded impressions that the games provide, Chalkline F2P interactions convert at a high rate and turn anonymous social fans and website visitors into email addresses and mobile numbers.

Want to get started today?

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