The Price is Right: Why US Operators Should Acquire Sports Bettors Now

Despite New Jersey waiting on a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, for casinos and racetrack operators, the time to acquire sports bettors is now. 

Currently, the cost of acquiring an online casino player can exceed $500 in regulated States. CEO of Chalkline Sports, Daniel Kustelski, expects this cost to continue to rise as new entrants power customer acquisition competition.  

This increase in online casino acquisition costs over time is expected to be repeated for sports wagering acquisition as states open up.  Operators should be attempting to actively acquire new customers while costs are low.

Based on evidence working with early adopters, Chalkline estimates that front-running operators can acquire today for 5% of LTV. How are front runners going to achieve such an efficient acquisition cost? 

Customer Acquisition using FreeToPlay Games

The most cost-effective strategy is to digitally engage new bettors pre-PASPA. Employ the use of interactive and insightful free-to-play games and capture the data required to power your SportsBook Day 1.

Hockey Hattrick Playoff Game - Mobile View

BettorGames deployed for the Hockey Playoffs.

With the trend towards digital customer acquisition, operators must focus on data-driven engagement to cost-effectively “own the thumb” of every sports bettor in the future.

Experience Chalkline’s FTP BettorGames, or read Daniel’s full article here to learn more.