New Webinar: 3 Reasons to Bet on Baseball as an Operator

Baseball. It’s America’s pastime. And it’s the topic of Chalkline’s 2nd Episode of our webinar series: “The Operator’s Edge: Sports Betting in the USA“.

Episode #2: Three Reasons to Bet on Baseball as an Operator

When: Our second webinar episode is available here, on demand.

How Long: 10 minutes

What: A quick overview of the MLB and gambling, with a focus on how operators can use baseball to build their player databases.

Host: Daniel Kustelski, CEO of Chalkline Sports

A Very Brief History of MLB & Gambling

From the days of the infamous 1919 Black Sox Scandal through Bud Selig’s tenure, the MLB took a hard stance on gambling. Today, baseball’s leaders are taking a different, and more progressive, tone.

As legalization spreads across the country, we’ll explain how regulated betting on baseball creates a great opportunity for casino operators and sportsbooks.

Pete Rose, a complicated part of MLB's history with gambling.

What You’ll Learn: Three Reasons to Bet on Baseball an an Operator

1) Steady Growth in Legal Handle

2) Baseball Laps All Other Sports in Inventory

3) Mobile and Live-In-Play Opportunities are Abundant

Did you say Cricket?

Based on Dan’s experience as an operator in the US and South Africa, Chalkline has identified some key parallels between cricket and baseball that suggest that regulated baseball betting has loads of untapped potential.

Learn how cricket suggests regulated baseball betting is about to take off.

This webinar provides steps to leverage baseball in the customer acquisition game and start building your sports betting database. Watch to uncover these industry news, stats, insights and more!

Full Coverage:

  • A Brief History of MLB & Gambling: Quote Edition
  • Three Reasons to Bet on Baseball
  • Three Things You Can Do Today
  • Additional Resources
  • About Chalkline Sports

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Filling the Funnel: Three Reasons to Bet on Baseball as an Operator