House of Cards Radio Interviews CEO Kustelski on Sports Betting

This week our CEO Dan Kustelski sat down with Dave Weischadle, host of House of Card Radio, to offer his insight on the fast-paced sports betting landscape in the US

The pair discussed Chalkline Sport’s role in the industry and the services we offer (19:16), from how casino operators should approach the post-PASPA world to the next waves of states expected to regulate.

Dave and Dan also covered how educating the market will play into sports betting moving forward (23:00), and how Chalkline helps casinos engage bettors across all levels of experience.

Next, the interview transitioned to covering Chalkline’s efforts to launch Tropicana Sports all-new iGaming platform in Atlantic City (24:45). More specifically, Chalkline’s strategy of employing ‘Sports Betting Lite’ powered by free-to-play BettorGames to accelerate customer acquisition.

The discussion then shifted to important trends in the US sports betting market (29:19), including the dominance of football, the future of live in-play wagering (34:35), along with the transition from retail to online action. Dan gave his take on each of these points, analyzing how closely each state will follow the “Las Vegas Model”.

Finally, Dan recalled how the Chalkline Sports team was established (41:11), tracking its origins to his experience running a regulated sportsbook in South Africa to its current incarnation today.

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