Jason Foster Presents at 2018 Gambling Indaba Conference

Chalkline Sports Head of iGaming Jason Foster is slated to speak tomorrow at the 2018 Gambling Indaba conference at the Emperor’s Palace Hotel and Casino in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jason has over 20 years’ experience in sports betting operations and online sports betting technology. He was a co-founder of South Africa’s first online bookmaker and has worked at the top level of major international sports books in South Africa, The UK, Ireland, and Gibraltar.

Talking Data, Delivering the Right Product

The Gambling Indaba Conference is all about bringing together thought leaders in the gaming industry to exchange ideas and best practice to help shape the future of gambling in South Africa. Jason will be sharing his expertise on how to build a sustainable competitive advantage for your company by delivering products that fit your market.

The discussion will focus primarily on the increasing importance of data in the sports gambling industry.

Throughout his career, Jason has applied his substantial mathematical and statistical training to deliver data solutions that have driven success in South African Sports Gambling markets. He argues that robust data profiles and analytics is essential to understand the following:

  • The sports gambling market and current industry trends
  • Your customer base, their behaviors, and their interests
  • Your competition, their unique value offering, and how to beat them

Assessing the Current Market

Jason will also be examining leading sports gambling companies from both the UK and South Africa. The goal will be to demonstrate the success of data-informed decisions in creating innovative player offerings that increase bets and drive revenues.

Topics covered will include:

  • Strategies to successfully incorporate mobile play into land-based casinos and sports books
  • Converting regular slots and lottery players into casual sports bettors
  • Using data insights to build unique and engaging offerings that attract new players

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Both Jason and The Chalkline team are excited to be involved in another year of Gambling Indaba. Previous participation in the conference has proven to be engaging and informative, providing means for continued success in South Africa's Sports Gambling arena.

To learn more about the conference, visit the GI Conference and Expo site.