The Solid Verbal: A Case Study in F2P BettorGames

Welcome to The Solid Verbal

Chalkline Sports extends a warm welcome to our new partners at The Solid Verbal. The Solid Verbal is a twice-weekly college football podcast hosted by Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein. The show runs continually throughout the regular season, post season, and off-season.

For Chalkline, this collaboration represents an opportunity to work a great partner. And, we love the fact that Dan and Ty started the podcast 10 years ago, as they say: “before podcasts were cool.” The inclusion of free-to-play games as part of the package makes sense as our experience with media continues to get more and more participatory.

The Solid Verbal has featured notable guests such as Jimbo Fisher, Scott Van Pelt and Chris Fowler.

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The Opportunity

The Solid Verbal discusses and analyzes college football 365 days a year with their passion-driven listeners. Why not play along with their audience?

The Solid Verbal simply partnered with Chalkline prior to the season to deploy F2P BettorGames. Chalkline's mobile-first, live-odds college football pick'em games provided an opportunity to:

  • Deliver live-odds games to fans and listeners
  • Build their fan database
  • Create content and engagement at scale through features like Consensus Picks and Leaderboards

BettorGames create a community of online players for media companies while capturing email addresses or mobile numbers for each contestant. The Chalkline platform automatically increased brand attention and engagement for The Solid Verbal through email campaigns, tracked links, audience segmentation and community-generated content.

The Solid Verbal College Football Pool

"Chalkline had us up and running in a week. Their platform and team has exceeded our expectations, without a doubt. But, for us, we're most excited that the feedback from our fans has been overwhelmingly positive. People love that they can play each week in 60 seconds on their phones.

-- Ty Hildebrandt, Co-founder

The Results

  • 75% game conversion rate
  • 72% of players from Week 1 returned
  • 65% of users are mobile

The Solid Verbal

About Chalkline

Chalkline Sports acquires and engages sports bettors at scale for operators and media companies. We build simple, fun games for sports bettors, then measure everything and deliver actionable data to our partners through our BettorBI tools.

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