CEO Kustelski Joins Brandstorm Podcast to Talk the Future of US Sports Betting

This week our CEO Dan Kustelski sat down with Dan Trzinski and Nancy Christopher Wilkes, hosts of the Brandstorm Podcast, to share his insights on the growing US sports betting industry. 

Three Take-aways from the Brandstorm Podcast

Our top three takeaways from their conversation focus on how the US sports betting landscape is shifting and what future operators can today to get started.

Listen to the full podcast here:

#1: Sports Betting is Rapidly Heading Mainstream

The Supreme Court repeal of PASPA on May 14, 2018 placed the ball firmly back in the courts of individual states to legalize and regulate sports betting. Since then, states have one by one begun introducing legislation to legalize sports betting.

The American Gaming Association estimated roughly $150 billion dollars were wagered on sports last year in the US and 97-98 percent of that was illegal. The AGA also estimates that there will be 50-60 million bettors in 25-30 states by the year 2023.

“States like New Jersey, Mississippi and Pennsylvania are already generating tens of millions in revenue in their first months with legal sports betting operations,” Kustelski told the Brandstorm Podcast hosts, “The US sports betting market is headed from 0-100 fast.

#2: There is a Learning Curve for Sports Betting Operators

Staying competitive and driving return on investment as an operator means learning more about: Customer Acquisition and Engagement, Online and Mobile Integration, and Digital Marketing.

Even without a live sportsbook, there are steps operators can take to start building their sports betting database.


Kustelski mentioned customer acquisition as one of the biggest pain points for casino operators over the next 3-5 years.

“It’s tough to navigate, but having integrated a sports book into a casino group,” Kustelski said, “we’re well aware of the opportunities to accelerate customer adoption and integration.”

#3: Bettor Education is A Critical Step for Operators That Want to Play in Sports Betting

Because sports betting has been underground for so long, most people in the US are unaware of how sports betting works. Casino groups and operators can now engage would-be sports bettors through educational offerings that makes sports betting more accessible for the typical casino customer. 

“If casinos and tracks want to build a base of sports betting customers,” Kustelski explained, “then free bettor education is the place to start.”

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