Product Updates for October 2018

We’re excited to have another productive month in the books at the Chalkline Sports product development laboratory.

Also, it was great to see so many folks at G2E in Las Vegas and at ICE Africa in Johannesburg.

Honored to be shortlisted for two SBC Awards this month, but as a data-driven company, we’re most excited about the great data we’re seeing from our clients.

Driving Real Results


CACs for F2P Games


Month-over-Month Player Growth



New Product Features in October

1. Custom URLs and Subdomains.

Chalkline now fully supports customized URLs so clients can completely control their branding all along the customer journey from the:

  • Landing page URL to
  • Free-to-Play game to
  • Bet Confirmation slip to
  • Confirmation Email or SMS
  • Consensus Picks to
  • My Results Page to
  • Reminder Email for next week

We can also customize many of these features with dynamic content that promotes your book, your rewards program, or events on your property.

2. Betslip Confirmation page & Improved Social Sharing.

Bet Confirmation

As part of our Bettor Education features, we’ve built “F2P Betslips” on our customizable confirmation pages.

During our product research, many game players and operators have told us: “Most future bettors have never received or seen a betslip.”

Sounds basic, we know, but also a great point from (mostly newbie) bettors. 97% of all bets in the US were placed illegally last year. Bookies don’t hand out betslips. So, there’s a learning curve and we’d like to move regulated sports betting forward in a number of small ways.

Initial feedback from players and clients has been positive. Specifically, players like to know the live odds of their parlay picks.

Plus: social sharing is +175% since we rolled out the improved social sharing feature you can see above.

3. “Bet Builder:” Post-game deep linking into bet placement.

Deep link into Betslip Product

What’s more, is that on our bet confirmation page, once your sports book is live, we can activate deep linking directly into a live betslip for players that are logged in to your book.

The benefits are obvious: the F2P game essentially becomes a ‘Bet Builder’ and players can immediately place a wager if they feel good about their picks.

4. BettorAnalytics: New Attribution Reports

In addition to our marketing-focused core BettorAnalytics reports:

  • Player Dashboard
  • Daily Players Report: Activity, Unique Players and New vs. Returning Players.
  • All-Time Game Report: Active Days, Total Plays, Unique Players and Perfect Scores.

We’ve added a detailed attribution report to further improve your Marketing ROI: Players by Source Report.

  • Track all new and returning players by the referrer.
  • Data points: Referrer, Game Plays, Unique Players, New Players.
  • Retarget and remarket to players at a low acquisition/re-acquisition cost.

Product Updates Coming in November…

Advanced Account Options

Building on top of our current account options, we’ll have a full suite of account/registration options for games. As books think about how to move players from engaged to KYC to NDC to bettor, Chalkline has account and registration solutions that meet each stage of the player journey.

1. Frictionless entry (currently available).
For the player: less than 30 seconds to play and enter.
For the client: fill the top of your funnel.

Players simply enter and email, mobile # or rewards # to play a game.

2. Light registration (currently available).
For the player: give a little more to get a little more.
For the client: pick up to 10 fields that you’d like to know on each player for each game.

For games with slightly larger prizes, or leaderboards, you can ask for more information–state, handle, etc.– on each player.

3. Full, completely customized registration to play a game. (enhancements coming)
For the player: register to win and engage with recurring games.
For the client: fully authenticate the player.

This feature is typically reserved for high-value prizes.

Plus: Chalkline games can authenticate against your player database with a very simple integration.

Enhanced Player Profiles

Understand each player’s skill level, game-level ROI and more, in addition to sports preferences, channel preferences and team preferences.

Refer a Friend Enhancements

In addition to the current social sharing, players can specifically refer a friend to play a game, and effectively challenge them into engagement with the operator brand.

Have any questions? Contact us here.