Looking Ahead to ICE Africa 2019: Three things we learned at ICE Africa this year

ICE Africa, held back on October 24-25 at the Sandton Convention Centre in South Africa gave us a big picture view of the gaming industry in Africa today. As a company, Chalkline Sports is always looking to trade insights with some of the best and brightest in the industry. This year’s conference was the perfect opportunity to do just that. With an eye on ICE Africa 2019, here are the top three things we learned from attending ICE Africa 2018.

1. Interest in African Gaming is Still Growing

One thing was abundantly clear: Everyone wants a piece of sports betting in Africa. New entrants continue to pour onto the continent, as demonstrated by the international exhibitors and attendees at the conference.

24 African countries were represented at the Sandton Convention Centre. Beyond that, delegates from over 90 countries worldwide showed up to explore how to best grow the sports betting industry across the African Continent.

Not only was this a global event, but ICE Africa set the bar high for gambling shows in South Africa. A sleek layout combined with world-class keynote speakers told us the gaming growth in Africa is for real.

2. Start-Ups are Driving African Sports Betting

One of the biggest realizations of the weekend came when we attended a panel titled Sustainable Start-Ups: How to position yourself for acquisition. 

A show of hands at the start of the discussion was absolutely illuminating. More than half the crowd were entrepreneurs, and not a single investor was in attendance.

It became abundantly clear: the sports betting industry on the African continent will be driven by entrepreneurship and innovation, and the investor dollars will follow.

3. Sports Betting Software has Reached an Inflection Point

Sports betting technology on the African continent is developing at light speed. At this point, there are so many well-designed and highly-functional platforms out there, it becomes nearly impossible to choose.

Still, most operators are unhappy with their current arrangement, or are looking to switch to a new software provider altogether.

We noticed a majority of operators want to get up and running ASAP. This means software providers will need to find new ways to differentiate themselves from competition, while still providing clients with more control over their sports betting products.

Looking Forward to ICE Africa 2019…

We’ll be keeping an eye on the trends previously mentioned over the next 12 months. The sports betting industry in Africa is primed for an explosion, and we can’t wait to check back in next year at ICE Africa 2019.