About Chalkline Sports

Chalkline Sports

Founded in early 2016, Chalkline Sports combines industry expertise from sports betting, technology, business intelligence, media and digital marketing.

Chalkline Sports was built on the premise that sports betting operators, affiliates and media companies in high-growth markets (North America and Africa) are fundamentally under-served. Customers demand snack-sized, mobile-first engagement and personalization during the 150 times they check their phones each day.

Operators, affiliates and media companies require access to cost-effective engagement tools to communicate more powerfully with an ever mobile-first world. And to harness real-time business intelligence tools to continuously measure and encourage scalable growth.

Chalkline is laser-focused on building scalable technology that solves these business challenges and seamlessly integrates with gaming and media operations to drive value across the enterprise.

What We’re Good At
* Efficiently connecting sports betting operators and affiliates with new, high-margin customers.
* Scalably delivering fun, mobile-first sports games, both Free-to-Play and Real Money.
* Building audiences in high-growth regulated marketsNorth America and Africa.
* Digital marketing automation.
* Helping established brands connect with the sports betting ecosystem.
* Being easy to switch on…and fun to work with.

What We’ve Done Before
* Led sportsbooks and ADWs in the US and South Africa.
* Led an international ticketing company.
* Founded and sold three technology companies (among the founders).
* Built business intelligence solutions for sports betting and ticketing industries.
* Built relationships with 1,000’s of B2B businesses and 1,000,000’s of B2C consumers.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: Build premier mobile-first, personalized sports bettor communities.

Vision: Own the thumb of every sports bettor.

* Candid
* Action-oriented
* Resourceful
* Data-driven
* Speed as a Habit

Guiding Principles
* Be a great team player.
* Deliver excellence.
* Embrace positive debate.
* Do what we say we’ll do.
* Be respectful and respectable.
* Be transparent and honest.
* Do more with less.

Advisors & Investors

Our Advisors
* James Burns
* Annie Ortmeier
* Rich Roberts
* David Sargeant
* Marc Sexton
* Bill Trocchi
* Plus, a network of global professionals in gaming, technology & entertainment.

Our Investors
Our investors include gaming executives, successful entrepreneurs and technology leaders, many of whom have invested in past companies involving the founders.

Three Things About Chalkline Sports

1. We’re Veteran-led. After graduating from the United States Military Academy, our CEO, Daniel, served as an Engineer Officer in the 1st Cavalry Division, and served a tour as Officer in Charge of the Mine Action Center in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Our team has integrated an online sportsbook into a land-based casino. As the United States considers paths forward for regulated sports betting, we often think back to our experience integrating Voltbet.com into Sun International.

3. We’re parlaying Sports-Betting smarts with Digital Marketing expertise. Our president, Joe, has founded, built and sold three digital-marketing technology companies. Joe’s passionate about harnessing his experience to connect sports betters with opportunities to enhance sporting enjoyment.

and we’re also big proponents of the simplicity in the ‘Rule of Three.’

Three Things About the Chalkline Executive Team

Daniel Kustelsk - Chalkline Sports - Three Things
Jason Foster - Chalkline Sports - Three Things
Joe Kustelski - Chalkline Sports - Three Things