Chalkline Sports Powers Live In-Play Games for AFL

Chalkline Sports partnered with the Arena Football League this past season to provide the “AFL Fan Games”

Free live in-play games were combined with weekly and game day contests. 

The weekly contests challenged players to pick the winners, game point totals, and highest-scoring quarters for each week’s AFL slate of games. 

Gameday contests required users to predict individual statistics and other prop bets. 

The live in-play games allowed players to make their live picks each quarter. The winner of the contest was determined based on accumulated points over the course of the game. 

Chalkline and the AFL shared the goal of increased fan engagement through the rollout and execution of these games.

Season Accomplishments

The partnership between Chalkine and the AFL was a major success.

The press release detailing the partnership created buzz and brought attention to the F2P games, creating early momentum.

Early success carried over into the season due to the strong working relationship between the two organizations.

The free games were seamlessly integrated into the AFL platform, and interest and engagement were maintained throughout the season.

Strong and prolonged activity was seen from key states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Among all 50 states, Pennsylvania had the second highest amount of users participate in the “AFL Fan Games”, with New Jersey right behind.

To cap off the season, Chalkline and the AFL launched a playoff contest that produced outstanding results. 

Over 100 players entered the ArenaBowl Super Prop Contest, and the live in-play game associated with the contest generated over 250 plays.

Content and Fan Engagement

Throughout the season, Chalkline and the AFL made a concerted effort to expand the AFL’s social media presence to better engage their fan base.

#AFLFanGames and #BetOnUs were used on the AFL’s Twitter to spread awareness about the free-to-play games offered on the AFL’s platform. 

Several teams and players from the league retweeted Chalkline’s content themselves, creating a dynamic where fans felt connected to the players on a greater level.

Looking forward, Chalkine and the AFL will continue this growth approach and investigate new ways to capitalize on the AFL’s growing popularity.