Five Reasons Chalkline Loves What Barstool Bets Did

1. Live In-Play and Mobile Focus – Simple user interface to introduce new bettors to the live in-play design.

2. Platform is Scalable – Efficiently posted live odds and resulted thousands of entries per game.

3. Comprehensive influencer marketing and reach – Major Barstool social media personalities engaged with the games.

4. In-Game Leaderboards – Created a competitive atmosphere for users.

5. Mix of Products – Combination of sports betting and daily fantasy to further entertain players.


The Client

Barstool Bets Logo

Chalkline Sports partnered with Barstool Sports in the summer of 2019 to create a platform focused heavily on live in-play free-to-play contests to identify and acquire live bettors.


The Opportunity

It is well known that the sports betting industry is headed toward live-in play markets.

Chalkline and Barstool created a product that could attract free-to-play customers through live contests.

Bettor behavior data was collected to create rich customer profiles, including bettor preferences and tendenecies, bet types, favorite teams, and credit management.


The Solution

Barstool Bets Mobile Screenshot

To complete this task, Chalkline relied on a very robust and scalable sports betting engine that had already been created in-house.

The major benefit: this engine did not include complications associated with a full-service sportsbook.

Chalkline was able to rely on its experience with live in-play integration to get the platform up and running within one month.


The Results

Dave Portnoy Tweet

The partnership was a complete success.

Large social media personalities such as Barstool president Dave Portnoy facilitated fan engagement to bring attention to the Barstool Bets platform.

The platform is very scalable, allowing it to handle a rapidly growing user base. 

What’s Next

Chalkline plans to build off the success of this innovation by transitioning into real-money games by building out integrations with existing providers.

This will include live in-play streak games for real money and similar set-ups.

Award-Winning Platform

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