Loyalty Solutions for Casinos and Tracks

“Online gaming is growing our database, creating long-term opportunity to market…to an entirely new group of customers.”

–Keith Smith, CEO, Boyd Gaming

Chalkline for Casinos and Tracks

Chalkline Sports’ white label ‘Play for Fun‘ and ‘Play for Points‘ solutions:Weekly Play for Fun Games

  • Are turnkey to implement. We’ve operated inside a casino and understand organizational demands for resources. We can use your sports book’s odds, or we’re integrated with all the major data providers.
  • Engage an attractive audience. Your database of sports fans and bettors are younger and more digitally accessible than traditional loyalty program members.
  • Are designed to drive retail visits. Whether it’s for your ‘Big Game’ party or a March Madness weekend, your customers will be engaged on mobile to drive room nights and on-site spend.
  • Integrate with Loyalty Programs. In our experience, this is a critical success factor in building a sports book inside a casino.
  • Are backed by Chalkline’s BettorBI. Providing actionable analytics for casino CMOs and CFOs, as well as the future Head of Sports Book.

Sports Betting Tailwinds are Favorable For U.S. Casinos

American Casinos have a unique opportunity as the U.S. Supreme Court considers New Jersey’s appeal to allow sports betting in the state’s casinos and tracks.

According to Spectrum Gaming, the introduction of online and social gaming to casino groups consistently provided benefit to operators. After Caesars Entertainment introduced online gaming, the company reported:

  • 80% of online players were new customers
  • 42% of online players were inactive until they reactivated online

According to the American Gaming Association, there are nearly 30,000,000 Americans that have placed a sports bet, and if sports betting is regulated, the number of Americans that will wager would increase to 58,000,000.

Casino Operators Will Play a Central Role in Sports Betting in the USA

Chalkline Sports for Casinos

Experts collectively anticipate that regulated sports betting will roll out through existing regulatory infrastructure: casinos, racinos and tracks. New Jersey’s case specifically points to its desire to allow sports betting in its casinos and tracks.

Views on how casinos will participate vary, but many stakeholders anticipate that ‘sports betting lite‘ products will be an entry point.

Chalkline Has Experience Integrating Sports Betting into Casino Groups

Chalkline’s team has worked inside regulated sports books in Africa, Europe and North America. The team’s expertise includes:

  • Regulatory compliance for online and land-based operations
  • Online sports books operations
  • Analytics & business intelligence

We know this to be true: many future regulated sports bettors already live inside existing casino loyalty programs. These customers can be engaged, acquired and retained at a relatively low cost. Our experience has been that 65% of the casino’s loyalty program bet on sports.

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