Does F2P Sports help me acquire new customers?

Yes. Chalkline Free-to-Play (F2P) sports betting games drive new customer acquisition and ‘dormant player’ activation while building robust, actionable data profiles on players for sportsbooks, media, casinos and tracks.



Do F2P Players spend real money?

Yes, they do. Across your property, both online and in person.

Stat: When we operated a sportsbook inside a casino, 65% of our casino loyalty program members wagered on sports.

F2P Sports players are interested in sports betting, watch sports and are familiar with gaming. We have lots of data to back this up.


What leagues do your games cover?

We cover 20+ sports and 80+ leagues, including:

  • Football: NFL and NCAAF
  • Basketball: NBA, NCAAB, International, European leagues
  • Soccer: EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS and more
  • Hockey: NHL, KHL, International
  • Baseball: MLB and International
  • Combat: UFC, Boxing, and more
  • Horse Racing
  • Tournaments: World Cup, Olympics


What types of games can you provide?

Chalkline has games for all phases of the season and game.

  • Season-long prediction games
  • Tournament games
  • Pre-match games
  • GameDay games
  • Live-in-Play games
  • Game types include:
  • Simple live-odds Prediction Games
  • Parlays/Accumulators
  • Correct Scores and Goal Totals
  • Fantasy / Player Prop Games
  • Retail and In-Venue Games
  • Casual Games (Royal Wedding Game, Academy Awards Game, etc.)

Is Chalkline compliant with regulatory?

Yes. We’re also a registered vendor with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Does Chalkline have experience working in regulated gaming?

Yes. We’ve operated sportsbooks, ADWs and worked for a large casino group. Our team includes several licensed bookmakers, and we maintain good relationships with regulators. We also regularly speak on topics like Responsible Gaming, and present at events like ICE and the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) conferences.

Who provides Terms & Conditions for Chalkline games?

We always defer to clients for their specific Terms and Conditions.


Can I offer unique games that nobody else can?

Absolutely. Chalkline sports provides customizable games that can be adjusted daily, weekly, or monthly to your specifications.


Can I run games for in-venue data capture?

Absolutely. We’ve got experience building games to identify ‘Unknown Patrons’ on property, and on social media.

Can I run regionally specific games?

Yes. You can completely customize games to localize or regionalize games. If you operate a casino that has sports bars, we recommend running F2P Sports games for the games on your TVs. See what we created for Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino:

Can I run Casual Games for non-sports fanatics?

Absolutely. Since we’re bookmakers, we price boutique markets all the time.

Some of our favorite (and most popular) F2P games include:


What kind of prizes can I offer for everyday games?

There is no limit to the prizes you may offer, however, we advise clients to keep prizes modest to contain costs.

Now, of course, if you offer an (insured) $1,000,000 prize, you’ll get more players, but we recommend keeping things sensible to start, then building from there.

We’re happy to share more information on prizing strategies in a live conversation.



How do I offer $1,000,000 prize for a big game?

Chalkline has integrated with several insurance providers, and is happy to provide recommendations on the most secure and cost-effective way to run a game featuring a story-worthy prize. This year, we offered a $1,000,000 Super Bowl competition prize:


Set Up: How long does it take to get going?

We’ll have you up and running in days.

Setting up an entire Chalkline F2P Sports micro-site typically takes 1-2 hours of a client’s time.

We do all the heavy lifting, but we need approved assets, approvals and feedback.



Ongoing: How much time do I have to spend each week to maintain?

Once we’re up and running–on a week-to-week basis– our clients spend less than an hour of their time maintaining their site.

We typically have a 15-minute weekly call to review the numbers, what got done, and do a quick check-in on potential ideas and new opportunities.

After that, we optimize, build games and keep you posted on progress.


What types of customer data can we capture?

With fun, simple, live-odds games that take less than a minute to complete, Chalkline effectively builds your player database.

Chalkline can easily adjust registration settings and data fields in compliance with your business needs, as well as for internal and external regulatory requirements.


Who owns the company data?

You do. 100%


What types of real-time reports do I get?

“Data-driven” is one of our core values. Chalkline’s BettorAnalytics robust reporting platform is available 24/7. We provide all clients with access to real-time reports, or we can run them for you. Our most popular reports are:* All Time Games Report: which players are playing which games? * Player Source Report: where are players coming from? * Winners Report: who won the games? * Unique Daily Player Report: how many players are on the platform each day? * New Player Report: how many new players played today?


Can I get custom reports?

Absolutely. It’s included in our pricing. Here’s an example of what this may look like:

Technology Integration

Can Chalkline games integrate with my CRM or customer management platform?

Yes. We’ll have to have a conversation to confirm, but we’ve integrated with a number of enterprise CRM systems already.


Can Chalkline integrate with my sports book when it goes live?

Yes. Again: we’ll have to have a conversation to confirm, but we’ve integrated with a number of enterprise CRM systems already.


Advertising Campaign Integration

 Does Chalkline work with my Facebook or Google ad campaigns?

Yes. Our integration can help you reduce your acquisition costs on paid campaigns, and we’re happy to share more details on these product features.

Can I get complicated with Chalkline advertising requests?

Yes. We’re happy to provide you with custom data fields that will help you get even more value with your paid ad campaigns.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple. Just drop us a line and we’ll get rolling.


Can you provide a demo?

Absolutely. Just reach out here and we’ll get that set up.