If you’re still considering the benefits of F2P Sports as a customer acquisition, engagement and education tool, you can learn about our mobile-first live odds F2P Sports games here. Or we have our FAQ here. And case studies are here.

The Chalkline Sports team has operated sports books (including one inside a casino group) and media companies in the US and Africa, so we understand the gaming space, and we know that your time is incredibly valuable.

Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Here’s how we do it.

Get In Touch

We’re easy to talk to and, more importantly, we know how to listen.

We understand each client’s situation is different. So, we tailor custom sites and marketing solutions to fit specific needs.

We also leverage a combination of our expertise and clear, concise data to inform a path forward. When we develop a plan, there’s always room for iteration and improvement, as we understand multiple options create the greatest probability of success.

Once we’ve got a plan for you in place, we can get moving right away and start driving real results.

The Action

We get to work for you, and fast.

We’re action-oriented. This, combined with our expertise, makes for speed and agility in absolutely everything we do. That means quick turns and feedback loops that will ultimately inform the route to success.

Essentially, all we need to do is collect your assets, build games and turn your Free-to-Play Games site on.

From there, we keep track of everything to ensure continued ROI.

The Measurement

We use our proprietary Bettor Analytics to measure everything.

Our Bettor Analytics platform allows us to:

  • Track absolutely every click.
  • Build robust data profiles on every game player.
  • Develop decisions and strategies informed and backed by hard data.

We understand how precious consumer data is, which is why we’re prepared to deliver data that delivers valuable business insights.

Continuous Optimization and Account Relationship

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Get Started

If you’d like to get started, or even if you’d just like to learn more about working with Chalkline Sports, don’t hesitate. We’ll get back to you quickly with an answer, or check out our FAQ’s.

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