What to Look for This Month:

Sportsbook Operations: Lessons Learned Integrating a Sportsbook Into a Land-Based Casino. Hosted by: CEO Daniel Kustelski and Co-Founder Jason Foster When: Thursday February 21, 9AM PST / 12PM EST

Sun International is a resort hotel chain and casino destination based in South Africa. The chain boasts premier entertainment and holiday destinations in eight countries.

On this episode, listen to Daniel and Jason share experiences from South Africa, where they ran the Sun International online sportsbook and successfully integrated the sportsbook into Sun’s land-based casino operations.

Top Lessons Learned Integrating a Sportsbook into Casino Operations:

  • Casino patrons are sports bettors. Start your acquisition efforts there.
  • Partner with excellent vendors early on, and demand continuous innovation.
  • Capture data from ‘Unknown Patrons’ on property and social media.

For more information and more lessons learned, view the webinar presentation. If you weren’t able to attend this month’s installment of The Operator’s Edge, click below to view the live recording of the webinar.

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