Football has always been the largest market for Sports Betting in the US. However, basketball, in particular the NCAA March Madness Tournament, is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite events to wager on.

Tens of millions place wagers on the tournament every year in office pools and bracket challenges. Plus, billions more are wagered both in legal US jurisdictions and illegally through offshores sportsbooks.

But, even if you’re not accepting bets, the real value of March Madness lies in the opportunity to engage with passionate fans, promote brand image and acquire high-value sports betting customers.


The Answer is simple: Free-to-Play (F2P) Sports Betting Games.

Name brands like Wendy’s and Lexus have in past years sponsored March Madness interactive bracket contests, and the initiatives have increased social media engagement with fans 100-fold.

Plus, state-by-state legalization of sports betting means punters can now bet legally on the Big Dance outside the state of Nevada for the first time.

The US sports betting base continues to grow, and the real tournament champions will be operators and affiliates who can leverage the NCAA Tournament to creatively engage potential sports betting customers.


Chalkline’s Free-to-Play March Madness Products

Fresh, Free-to-Play sports betting games and jackpot formats create huge opportunities to increase activity and player-engagement across all platforms and devices.

So, we’ve developed multiple Free-to-Play March Madness formats, each designed to engage different segments of sports bettors.

The Big Dance Bracket Breakdown

Bettor Level: Beginner – Intermediate.
Format: Standard Pick ‘Em. One pick per game (money-line or ATS) – one card per day each round.
Scoring: Each correct pick = 1 point.
Leaderboard: Total points – most correct picks wins!
Prizing: Cash Prize Pool, Hotel Nights, Branded Swag etc.

The Bracketbuster Bettor’s Challenge

Bettor Level: Intermediate – Advanced.
Format: Weighted Pick ‘Em. One pick per game (money-line or ATS) – one card per day each round.
Scoring: Points weighted by odds – underdog picks adds value.
Leaderboard: Largest point tally after tournament wins.
Prizing: Cash Prize Pool, Hotel Nights, Branded Swag etc.

The Super Prop Showdown

Bettor Level: All Levels.
Format: One card (15 prop picks + tie-breaker) per round.
Scoring: One correct pick = 1 point.
Leaderboard: Total Points – most correct picks wins!
Prizing: Insured Jackpot prizes – up to $1 Million Cash!

A diverse store of March Madness products means the ability to engage with a diverse base of sports bettors. Newbies, casual bettors and seasoned veterans all have something to play, deepening interaction with more players throughout the NCAA Tournament.

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