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Chalkline cuts customer acquisition costs by up to 80%.

Acquire Sports Betting Customers at Scale

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Create a Free-to-Play Front Door for New & Casual Sports Bettors


Build and retain your sports bettor database with fun, simple live-odds Free-to-Play (F2P) Sports games.

Don’t have your sports book live yet? Use F2P Sports games to determine the size of your opportunity.

Learn how many sports bettors you have on your database, which sports they enjoy, and the level of their ‘Bettor Education.’

Then, seamlessly roll new players into your sports book, and into incremental revenue opportunities on your property.

Free-to-Play Games for Email Address/Mobile Number Capture


Engage Sports Fans and Casual Bettors

  • Convert social followers to valuable email addresses
  • Powerfully drives engagement to your revenue products
  • End-to-end customization and branding


  • Live odds
  • Post-game scoring and prizing
  • Leaderboards and custom scoring options
  • Social sharing

Completely Turnkey

  • We’ll have you up and running in a week
  • We do all the heavy lifting


Outkick the Coverage

  • Fans are highly engaged: +70% conversion rate
  • Games are easy to play: +67% completed the game in less than one minute
  • Players are mobile: +75% played on their phone
  • Players are younger: +50% are Millennials

The team from Chalkline got us up and running fast. Chalkline’s platform keeps interfaces simple for punters, and their BettorBI visualizations are more actionable than any BI tools we’ve used. They know exactly what they’re doing–they’ve done this before.”

Clay Travis
Founder, Outkick the Coverage

2019 F2P Sports Game Calendar

We Build Games in Minutes to Capitalize on Social Interest


Games for All Sports Fans

  • March Madness Daily Picks
  • NFL or CFB Weekly Pick’ems
  • Playoff Challenge
  • NBA Score Picker
  • NHL Live Score Challenge
  • MMA Fight Cards

Multiple Game Types

  • Parlays/Accumulators
  • Data Capture Games
  • Live-in-Play Games
  • Retail Games
  • In-Venue Games
  • Real-Money Games

Choose from 40+ Leagues 

  • NFL and College Football
  • NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS
  • MMA and Boxing
  • NCAA Basketball
  • All Major Golf, NASCAR & Tennis