Strategic Services

Accelerate your Sports Book.

Chalkline’s experienced team of operators, product experts and marketers offers a complete set of professional services for clients who require direct assistance.

In addition to our team members on the ground in the US, Africa and Europe, we also have a strong network of partners that allows us to efficiently deliver exceptional results, on time and on budget.

Our Experience and Expertise

Growth Strategy and Planning

  • Market analysis: understand your next revenue generator and plan to maximize ROI.
  • Regulatory expertize, particularly in the US, to help identify growth markets and what would be required to conduct business
  • Vendor analysis: leverage Chalkline’s global network to identify software vendors and partners most aligned with your business objectives.

Sports Book Operations

  • Sports, horse racing, fixed odds, pari-mutual and spread betting operations.
  • Trading best practices and tools.
  • Risk management.

Marketing, Intelligence and Automation

Customized Sports Betting Curriculum

Interested in developing your team's sports betting expertise with an interactive, Chalkline educational presentation, delivered on-site?

  • Sports Betting 101: The Basics, Launching a Sports Book, and Metrics for Management.
  • Bettor Business Intelligence: Key Performance Indicators, Risk Management Best Practices, and Supporting the Organization with Actionable Data.
  • Sports Betting Marketing: Personalization, Micro-targeting at Scale, Metrics for the C-Suite, and Filling the Funnel.

What We've Done and How We Think

We Help You Manage and Measure the Entire Betting Event Lifecycle

Betting Event Lifecycle - Chalkline Strategic Services

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The Chalkline Strategic Services team will build and deliver customized engagements that solve specific business challenges or opportunities.

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